Terms and COnditions

We ask all customers to read the full terms and conditions. By purchasing from Wheelie Hot Wood you agree to abide these terms.

Terms and COnditions

1/ By accepting supply of firewood, you agree to be bound by these conditions. These conditions apply except if inconsistent with an agreement you have made with us.

2/ WOOD SUPPLY. We will supply such firewood as you reasonably require. You agree to buy all your requirements of firewood for your premises from us. You will not hold us liable for any loss or damage if we are not able to supply Firewood to you for a reason beyond our control. We may ration our available supplies of Firewood if there is likely to be a supply shortage of Firewood.

3/. OUR EQUIPMENT & SAFETY. We will lend you our equipment in reasonable working order in accordance with our usual maintenance program.

4/ YOU AGREE TO. Re order a refill within any 12 month period. Failure to re order a refill in any 12 month period will result in ‘Wheelie Hot Woodʼ charging you $119 for the wheelie bin without further notice, in which case the customer will then take ownership of the bin. We will still happily supply you with refills if required.

5/ ENDING YOUR AGREEMENT. You can end your agreement with Wheelie Hot Wood at any given time by simply returning the bin to 19 Cumbalum Road, Cumbalum, NSW 2478. You must give at least 2 days prior notice before returning by either phoning or emailing us, or by simply instructing us to take payment for the bin $119 in which case you then own the bin.

6/ RETURNING YOUR BIN. Customers are able to return their bin to 19 Cumbalum Road, Cumbalum, NSW 2478. We charge a $33 fee to collect bins from your property.